I am the wife of the Legatus. Seal the fucking doors. 

No quote. We just never pay tribute to Eve. Well, I never do. It’s a first.
Eve of the Elijians - Messenger of Angels, Heaven’s Host.






 #This looks like the begining of a music video

#kneel bitches #by loki laufeyson

#In the west of Yggdrasil born and raised #On Asgard is where I spent most 
of my days#Chillin out, maxin, fightin all the time #And all shooting some Jotuns outside of Jotenheim #When a couple of Avengers who were up to some good #Started making peace in my neighborhood #I got one lil  fight and Thor looked on with hesitation #As I said “It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation.”

#I pulled up to the Tesseract bout seven or eight #and I yelled to Hawkeye #yo home #enslave you later #I looked at my kingdom #I was finally there #I’m the Fresh King of YOU ALL


“Sometimes I used to think that one day I should wake up, and all that had been would be over, forgotten, sunk, drowned.
Nothing was sure - not even memory.”
Livia of Rome - Destroyer of Amazons, Champion of Ares, First Empress of Rome, The Champion.


i am seriously offended when people don’t bow down at my feet

Me: 2 am what a perfect time to start watching the show everyone's been talking about

Title: Girlfriend (Mandarin Version)
Artist: Avril Lavigne
Played: 507489 times


Female Characters That I Love:
∟Morgan Pendragon (Camelot)